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Maggie Regan raises over £1000.00 for the GOWR

On Friday June 22nd. 2018, Maggie, the wife of Water Rat Ron Regan, put on a special variety show in aid of the GOWR at the Orford House Social club in Walthamstow, London.
Singer Maggie hosted the evening, which was a sell out and a huge success. Apart from Water Rat Ron, the bill included several other Rats such as Ken Joy, Mike Martin. Chas McDevitt and Duncan Norvelle. Duncan proved a true inspiration,
performing an hilarious spot as he showed how he still has that old magic and charm.
Other artistes appearing were multi talented Monika Volker (from Germany – she flew over specially to do the show), opera star Birgit Beer, soul singer Moon Williams, multi instrumentalist Martyn Oram and the saw playing Zang Duran.
What a night! And it raised £1,050 for our charitable aims. Thank you Maggie, and to the cast, who all appeared completely free of charge.
Imagine how much a bill like that would cost in normal circumstances…
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