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Laurel and Hardy Film Set Tour

On March 30th. 1947, the legendary Laurel and Hardy were initiated as Water Rats 465 and 466 and remained supportive members for the rest of their lives.

A major feature film, STAN AND OLLIE, is now in production, telling the tale of the last British variety theatre tour they undertook. It stars Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly in the titular roles, and the GOWR was approached by them for the loan of Water Rat lapel emblems to wear on screen.
We were most impressed by this attention to detail, also by the courteous and respectful way the production staff have kept in touch with us regarding updates on the filming.

This resulted in an invitation for a small delegation of Water Rats to visit the set at the Broadway Theatre Catford on Wednesday May 3rd. 2017. Consequently, PKRs Roger De Courcey and Kaplan Kaye, TG Andre Vincent, ScR Mike Martin and our administrator Tony Bohan had a most enjoyable and enlightening day watching an incredibly uncanny and authentic recreation of the famous double act performing at the Glasgow Empire. We all agreed that we were witnessing something truly special and were stunned by the accuracy of the portrayal. Steve and John were amazing and when talking to them, it was like being in the actual presence of the great Stan and Ollie themselves.

This is definitely a movie to watch out for, folks...

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