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David Berglas MBE

Our Past King Rat Past Preceptor, Badge of Merit DAVID BERGLAS MBE has died at the age of 97.

What a life he had...

Escaping from his home in Germany from the Nazis as a child, he worked for the American Army at the end of WW2 in their de-nazification programme as an interpreter and adviser.

Staying in England, his growing passion for magic, hypnotism and psychology quickly led on to a glowing career in showbusiness.

From the Windmill to touring the No.1 variety circuit, he became the first magician to have his own show on British television. His talent and mind boggling stunts took him all around the world and he eventually became the President of the Magic Circle. At one time I was honoured to work with him on his fascinating biography but, sadly, for various reasons, that was not to be completed.

He was a truly amazing man and although in his later years health issues limited his activities, he always stayed sharp. I spoke to him often and was about to arrange another visit to his home, with our King Rat Chris Emmett.

Yes, 97, but still so sad... I think he really must be the very last of his era... those who came out of WW2 to make a mark in British showbiz. I was very fond of him, and although we had our differences on occasion, he has a special place in my heart and memory as a close friend of my late father (who died 32 years ago today) and a Brother Water Rat.

Maximum respect.

Scribe Rat
Mike Martin 🐀
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