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King and Prince at Buckingham Palace

It was the Queens Garden Party in May where King Rat Ian Richards along with Prince Rat Adger Brown represented The GOWR, what a day, KR Ian with his father by his side and PR Adger with his mother by his had one superb day, welcomed into the gardens of Buckingham Palace and stood in line to meet HRH Prince Phillip, what an honour for King and Prince but more so for their parents who were enjoying the occasion and atmosphere of the day, the sun shone as we awaited the arrival of HRH to meet our group, we were the last of the groups to be met so we waited in the heat while he made his way down the line, KR's father getting a little irate as he wanted to go and get a cup of tea and a sandwich PR's mum just stood with the biggest smile in the world, she never thought that this day would be something she would be invited too, HRH arrives has a long chat with us all made his departure and off to the tea tent we went only to find that most of the sandwiches had gone much to the bemusement of KR's dad. As the day drew to a close we made our way out through the famous gates of Buckingham Palace back to the every day life that we lead but the memory for me will be the delight that my mother had of being part of a special day and I know King Rat felt very proud to have his father by his side, my thanks to King Rat for the invite and allowing me to give my mum that special day.

Prince Rat Adger Brown
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