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John McKenzie

Photographer Rat

Born in 1951, John is the son of Water Rat and renowned showbusiness
photographer, the late Doug McKenzie. Having grown up around
photography, at the age of sixteen he became known for his portraits,
photographing a plethora of music celebrities including John & Yoko
and David Bowie. Over the years he played a major role in growing and
expanding the processing and printing business that had been formed to
handle his and Doug's work, eventually becoming Production Director,
maintaining a remarkable customer-supplier link with EMI Records for
over forty years. When Doug passed away, John honoured his bookings to
give illustrated talks of his work, which he continues, now including
examples of his own work with associated anecdotes.
John became a member of the Grand Order of Water Rats in 2014 and is
now affectionately known as 'Paparazzi Rat'.
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