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Derek Martin

Past King Rat

In 1962 I left my job at Smithfield Meat Market and decided to try and get into the acting business. I had always been a big film fan for as long as I can remember. Where I grew up, in the East End, there were dozens of cinemas and some of my earliest memories are of going off to the cinema. When I was a young man I would go at least 3 times a week.

In order to find an agent I went to a caf? in Soho which I knew actors frequented. I asked around and got a number and telephoned the agent for an appointment. I bluffed them saying I had done some rep work in the North. I was offered a job on Z Cars the next week. It turned out to be three days work as a walk on, I was paid three guineas a day. That was my start. From walk-ons I then went into doing stunt work, before carving out a good career as a character actor.

While away from the screen I enjoy golf, football and am a keen supporter of a number of charities, including MIND, Dogs Trust and the Grand Order of Water Rats.
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