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Harold Taylor

Blue Collar Rat

Water Rat 626

Taylor became interested in magic after seeing a magician's program in his village hall at the age of eight. He played around with wizardry in the following years and honed his talents on the side while in the Royal Air Force.[1][2][3][4][5]

His three favorite tricks were a cut and restored rope routine, the sucker egg and silk effect, and the Egg on Fan trick.

Taylor made over 500 television appearances on talk shows, interviews and performances in Britain, the United States, Australia, and Canada.

He contributed a monthly column in Magigram. He served two years as President of Ring 25, the British Ring, and was a Member of the Inner Magic Circle.

He was hired as a technical adviser on Paramount's film, "Dragonslayer" and has coached a number of famous actors playing "magician" roles.[6]
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