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Derek Batey

Blue Collar

Rats Register No. 732

Initiated into the Order in: 1982

Born in Brampton, Cumbria, Derek's first show business appearances were as a ventriloquist, mainly in local clubs, but by 1960 he had become a presenter/interviewer for Border Television.

Having been impressed by a Canadian game show he had seen, Derek re-packaged the format and pitched it to his company as "MR. and MRS"..

This became a hugely successful television show for many years, with Derek as presenter. He also took it on the road as a stage show.

Other T.V. shows he fronted included "Look Who's Talking" and "A Century of Stars" (1984); a one-off documentary about the GOWR.

Derek was also Assistant Controller of Programmes for Border T.V..

He leaves a wife, Edith, and a daughter, Diane.

Scribe Rat Mike Martin
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