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Norman Collier

Blue Collar

Rats Register No. 673

Born in Kingston-upon-Hull, Norman saw army service as a gunner during World War 2 but did not begin an immediate showbusiness career. On demob, working as a labourer, he gradually discovered a natural talent for making his work mates laugh and this culminated in occasional Working Men's Club appearances where he quickly developed his entertainment skills.

Turning professional in 1962, he became a favourite on the club scene but found national fame after a ground breaking appearance on the Royal Variety Show in 1971. From then on he was in great demand for television appearances.

He had a style very much his own, dominated by an emphasis on visual comical effects, such as his unforgettable "chicken routine", and an excellent vocal ability to create such classics as "the club compere with a faulty microphone".

Sadly, his last years were blighted by Parkinson's disease, but he was survived by his wife, Lucy, three children and a wealth of grandchildren

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