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Graham Walker

Red Collar

Rat?s register number: 865. Initiated: 2007.

Born in Leeds, Graham was a founder member of 'The Grumbleweeds', in 1962.

They honed their craft around the Northern pub and club circuit (and occasionally in Germany) before turning professional in 1967. Appearing in both of the major television talent shows of the era ('Opportunity Knocks' and 'New Faces'), the band did not win but made a huge impression on a mass national audience. This led to a recording contract with Decca, and a rapidly growing demand for cabaret and theatre appearances countrywide. Swiftly they gained a reputation as one of the leading comedy showbands in the UK, delighting audiences with their polished blend of zany humour and excellent musicianship.

A successful slot on Granada TV's 'Wheeltapper's and Shunter's Social Club' earned them their own show on the air waves, 'The Grumbleweeds Radio Show' (produced by Johnny Hamp) which ran for 15 series from 1979 - 88.

Following many years of hit summer seasons, club, theatre and television work, the band gradually disbanded, reducing gradually from a 5 piece to a duo. This duo consisted of Graham and another founder member, Robin Colville, and they continued working very successfully until Graham's health failed.

Graham also found a niche as a 'much in demand' after dinner speaker, a genre in which he excelled emoting his hilarious, (if slightly embellished!) observations on life. In addition, he made appearances as a character actor in various TV shows, such as 'Max and Paddy's Road To Nowhere'.

He leaves a wife, Susan, and five children; daughters Victoria, Louisa, Elizabeth and Sophie, and a son, Joshua.

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