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Tony Bown

Companion Rat

Rat Register Number: 872, initiated 5 June 2011

A much respected Companion Rat of the Order, Tony, in his all too short time with us, soon proved what a great asset he was. Not only as a highly respected, active and intelligent member of the Grand Council and advisor to the Trustees, but also as a most excellent human being who truly embraced the principles of the GOWR.

His strength of character, humour and sense of justice was always prevalent.

His many legal qualifications made him a leading figure in the City of London, where he was involved in all aspects of "Blue Chip" business, working at the senior level of numerous banking and credit card services.

He was Head of the Debt Collection Group, and, as a lawyer, was at the forefront of many high profile cases.

Tough but fair in business, Tony's charitable nature and calm demeanour defined him as a person.

He married Joanne, by special licence, during the last weeks of his life.

Scribe Rat Mike Martin
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