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Paul Squire

Blue Collar Rat

(11.07.1950 ? 04.12.2019)

A much under rated talent whose star shone brightly for too short a time in the 1980s when he appeared on the Royal Variety Show and had TV series of his own on BBC and ITV.

Born and based in the North East of England, his parents were entertainers who encouraged him onto the stage. Early sojourns on the boards included performing in family musical group The Millionaires, but his persona was such that he was destined to go it alone with his fine singing voice and exceptional talent for impersonations.

He was quickly noticed and found constant work in clubs, panto and abroad before becoming a regular at top venues like the London Palladium and television guest spots on popular shows of the day like Live at Her Majesty?s and the Bob Monkhouse Show.

Unfortunately, the timing was probably against him, because his talent was noticed during the period when show business was undergoing a brutal renaissance as the alternative comedy scene took over. Although young, it seems that Paul was deemed one of the ?old school? and, alongside other unlucky breaks, fell victim to the politically correct entertainment culls of the period.

He was a proud member of the Grand Order of Water Rats.

Mike Martin
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