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Peter Barbour

Blue Collar Rat

Peter was Water Rat number 750 - having been proposed by Len Lowe and seconded by Joe Church. He was initiated into the Order on October 19th 1985. He was one of a show business dynasty. His Grandfather was comedian/singer Al Norman. Peter and his brother Roy, and for a time, their other brother Geoffrey, were a famous stilt walking act appearing on variety bills in this country and abroad for more than twenty five years. It was Peter who had the idea of putting steel taps on their stilts - and they became a much in demand stilt dancing act.

When Peter married Jean Dooley she joined the routine - and they worked as Jean and Peter Barbour later being joined by their daughter Sue, who stayed in the act with her father when Jean retired. They appeared in Barnum in London and Germany in the 1980's. In between gigs Peter also acted as a booker for several venues in the Midlands. He and Sue continued working in Britain and abroad, including seven years at Disneyworld in the United States until Peter was struck down by a stroke when in his late seventies. Sue looked after him until his death. His Granddaughter, Genevieve Jacobs, continues the dynasty and has worked within the Cameron Mackintosh Company and The Really Useful Group.
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