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Pat Mooney

Blue Collar Rat

Water Rat Number: 572. Initiated into the Order 21 January 1979

Proposer: Albie Keen. Seconder: Johnnie Riscoe

Pat Mooney, whose real name was Thomas Smith, was born in Stockman's Lane, Belfast. When Pat became a professional entertainer there was already an established performer called Tom Smith. Hence the change of name; but Pat told his wife that he always regretted having to change his name because a Tom Smith was the inventor of the Christmas Cracker in the late 1830's.

Pat came to England in 1952 and settled in Liverpool where he worked with a firm of Shipping Brokers. However, during evenings and week-ends he honed his skills as an entertainer in clubs and hotels around the area. His first performance listed in The Stage newspaper was at the Dove and Olive Hotel in Speke, in July 1958.

From that time until 2002, when he was forced to retire due to ill health the name of Pat Mooney, or 'Blarney From Killarney' as he was known, was rarely missing from that newspapers listings.

Pat gained general public recognition in the iconic TV show 'The Comedians' together with other Water Rats - Frank Carson, Roy Walker, Tom O'Connor and Ken Goodwin. He also made many appearances on 'The Good Old Days'. Most entertainers like to have a recognisable 'gimmick'; Pat's was a wonderful Irish green suit.

Dick Ray engaged Pat on numerous occasions at many venues in Jersey especially at Caesar's Palace and often working with Stuart Gillies and Diana Cousins. In fact he began the popular The Monday Club, which enabled entertainers on the island to meet on a social basis.

For the last twenty five years of his career he worked extensively on cruise liners especially the Canberra (where he met his wife Jean), the QE 2, the Queen Mary 2 and the Coronia. Colin Parker from Parker Entertainments said "Pat was a consummate professional and a true family entertainer who never offended and always judged his audience to perfection leaving them in fits of laughter"

People loved talking to Pat and hearing his numerous stories of working around the world. He claimed to have travelled around the globe 25 times. This was a fact rather than a boast.

Jean will be taking Pat?s ashes back to Ireland to place them with his parents.
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