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Steve Clark

Past Deputy Musical Rat

(28.09.1024 ? 21.01.2017)
Water Rat number 666
Initiated 09.06.1968

Raised in poverty in Philadelphia, USA; Steve, with his brother Jimmy, worked their way into an illustrious show business career as The Clark Brothers.

From hymn singing to attaining skills as supreme dancers and musicians, their first professional appearance was at the Cotton Club in New York's Harlem, with Steve on piano and Jimmy on drums. They very quickly made such an impression that they were touring the States doing top quality theatre and cabaret work including the Sands in Las Vegas. Also performing on cruises and at venues worldwide, they even appeared for King George V1 at Windsor Castle in 1948. Bernard Delfont brought them back to the U.K. in 1952 where they commenced a long career on the number one Variety circuit whilst making numerous T.V. appearances.

They eventually opened a London dance school where many celebrities honed their moves. Jimmy died in 2009 and Steve ended his days in retirement at Brinsworth House. A truly class act of the first degree.

ScR Mike Martin.

The Clark Brothers, the video clips from youtube will show how good these boys were.
another clip below
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