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Our Newest Water Rats

Matt Endersby

Initiated into the Order on 8th July 2018 Water Rat No.916

Frank Ifield

Frank Ifield, Water Rat 915 initiated into the GOWR on Monday 21st May 2018

Alfie Boe

We welcome Alfie Boe to the GOWR as Water Rat 914 initiated on the 22nd April 2018

Jimmy Osmond

Jimmy Osmond became Water Rat 913 on the 18th March 2018 a very welcome member of our order

Ben Goffe

Baby Rat number 912; actor/musician BEN GOFFE… son of Water Rat Rusty Goffe… initiated on Sunday February 4th. 2018.

Brian Meaden

Companion Rat number 911
We welcome Brian Meaden into the GOWR initiated on Sunday 29th October 2017.

Ronald Regan

Baby Rat number 910... RONALD REGAN... following over 30 years touring the world with comedy/musical act NUTS & BOLTS; and now sharing his talents on the road with ScR Mike Martin's LONDON PHILHARMONIC SKIFFLE ORCHESTRA.
Initiated October 8th. 2017.

Simon King

Water Rat 909 Simon King
The other half of "The Hairy Bikers"

Dave Myers

Water Rat 908 Dave Myers
One half of "The Hairy Bikers"

Bill Dare

We welcome Bill Dare as Water Rat 907
One half of the Ukay Ukes

Duncan Norvelle

A big welcome to comedian Duncan "come on chase me" Norvelle Water Rat 906

Paul Ganjou

A big welcome to our latest Companion Water Rat PAUL GANJOU (register no. 905)... his dad was George Ganjou and his uncle our late much missed Brother Rat Serge Ganjou. What a legacy... The Ganjou Brothers and Juanita were one of the truly great and spectacular adagio acts in the golden days of variety. The GOWR's Serge Ganjou Fund benefits promising showbiz newcomers.

Lord Frederick Windsor

Lord Frederick Windsor (Water Rat no. 902) became our 4th Royal Companion Rat when initiated into our order on the 2nd April 2017.
A very welcome addition.

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