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Sir Ken Dodd

A Tribute to Sir Ken Dodd by Brother Rat Andrew Van Buren

Not only showbusiness but also the world is a sadder place today. What a loss & another end of an era. Ken Dodd, the King of comedy. I have seen a number of tributes this evening that show how well known, admired & loved he was & is. I have known Ken all of my life, I think mum & dad first met Ken some time in the 1950's. I had met him before, but my first proper memory of Ken is from his show Save the Palace Manchester, which was to raise funds to keep the theatre open, which worked & it is still open today thanks to Ken & the show. I remember the rehearsals & watching the show standing in the wings. There was a car chase sequence with a car & projection screen on stage. The Diddymen were always a key part of the show. I have been fortunate to have worked with Ken a number of times, more times with him, than for him. Even a few times here in the Potteries. One notable time was in a Variety show with Ken & Jimmy Cricket on the same bill, now that was a funny show. He always has been there a big part of the business, the governor, the link to the hey day of variety. So many happy memories & gags, he really was the master & dedicated himself to the art of making people laugh & happy, not a bad legacy to leave behind. I have chosen a few key pictures from our many meetings down the years. One is the first time Allyson worked with & met Ken. The next from when mum & dad were backstage with Ken at Blackpool Opera House (50 years since they had worked on that stage - this time back to receive the Neville King Award - now there is another greatly missed legend of comedy & great friend!). Our condolences Annie. RIP Ken Dodd, you will be greatly missed.

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