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Harvey Riscoe

Blue Collar Rat

Water Rat 617

Son of PKR Johnnie Riscoe. Harvey was born in Leeds on 2nd October 1935 and passed away in Reno, Nevada on 20th May 2009, where he had lived for the last 30 years of his life with his second wife Audrey. Harvey was a Butlin?s Red Coat in his early 20?s, then became a theatrical agent with Dad (who had been an Agent for numerous years before) ? the Agency was called The Johnnie and Harvey Riscoe Agency Limited. He married Sandra Butlin, Sir Billy Butlin?s daughter in 1964. Harvey worked with Dad (and I was in the office too!) for many years and then went on to run the Amusement Arcade with Sandra at the newly opened Butlin?s Barry Island. Harvey and Sandra divorced in the mid 1970?s. Harvey came back to work in the Agency during which time he met Audrey, originally from Canada, who was working in the UK with her sister Blanche and they performed as ?The Cooper Sisters? on stage and TV in the UK.

Harvey married Audrey in the late 1970?s and then moved to America where he lived in Oregon for a while where Audrey had lived for many years, before moving to Reno.

I don?t know when Harvey became a Water Rat, but I remember that he loved being a Member and very proud to have been awarded Rat of the Year in 1968.

Patsy Martin (Sister of Harvey and daughter of PKR Johnnie Riscoe)
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