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Mike Winters

Blue Collar

Rat?s register number: 615. Initiated: 15 November 1964

One half of the hugely successful comedy duo Mike and Bernie Winters. (Bernie, who was also a Water Rat, died in 1991.)

Mike was born Michael Weinstein in Islington, London, studying clarinet at the Royal Academy of Music. During World War 2, although under aged, he served in the Merchant Navy.

Forming the double act with his brother Bernie, they won a talent contest in Manchester and this quickly led to a professional career in entertainment. Numerous engagements in variety followed, then their first TV appearance, in 1955, on the BBC's 'Variety Parade', was a great hit. (They remained with the show for a further 3 years.) Panto engagements, plus prestigious bookings on top TV shows such as '6.5 Special' and 'Sunday Night at the London Palladium' put them at the top of their game.

Their own TV show ran from 1965 - 1973 and they even starred in the 1963 Michael Winner film 'The Cool Mikado'.

When the act broke up in 1978, Mike moved to the USA, settling in Miami, Florida, where he found a new career as a promoter of theatre clubs. He forged a close working relationship with the legendary boxing manager Angelo Dundee, presenting black tie sports events whilst remaining active in charity work. He wrote a biography of Dundee, plus another book about boxing, 'The Axis of Greatness'. In addition, he penned 2 novels, 'Miami One Way' and 'Razor Sharp', plus a showbiz themed book, 'The Sunny Side of Winters'.

With his wife, Cassie (who he married in 1955), Mike moved back to the UK in 2010, settling in Gloucestershire.

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