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Johnny More

Blue Collar

Rat Register Number: 761, initiated 17th April 1988

Born in Hulme, Manchester, Johnny began his show business career as a band singer, but it became swiftly apparent that his talents extended way beyond his fine singing voice.

He eventually excelled as a quality performer of great versatility, style and pure class, renowned and admired for his uncannily accurate impressions which were always delivered with perfect timing.

His interpretation of Frank Sinatra was known as the best, and his wickedly funny observational humour was second to none.

From an early apprenticeship working tough northern clubs, Johnny soon found a wider audience and throughout the 1970s and '80 he made his name on television in such series as 'Who Do You Do?' and 'Copycats' and BBC Radio 2's 'The Impressionists'. He also founded the Lancashire Entertainers Golf Society.

Eventually he suffered through a long battle with cancer, but he retained his positive spirit and great sense of humour to the very end, even managing a party with his nearest and dearest family just hours before he died.

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