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Del Denester

Past Chief Trap Guard

(01.08.1928 - 29.11.2016)
Water Rat number 702
Initiated 16.02.1975

Born George Frederick Smith in London, Del adopted the pseudonym Del Denester early on in his show business career, working in a variety comedy/musical double act with Kenny Hey. They were known as NOBLE & DENESTER and they toured the halls from the 1940s to the early 1960s.
As the variety scene declined, they looked elsewhere for gainful employment with Kenny heading abroad while Del took advantage of a job offered to him by another variety performer turned businessman, none other than Paul Raymond (also a Water Rat).
Del consequently worked at the Raymond Revue Bar in London's Soho for many years as Musical Director and Manager.
He was also a fine musician, playing, amongst other things, piano and xylophone.
Del was a devoted and highly involved member of the Grand Old Order, as well as being the Secretary of the Vaudeville Golfing Society for a long period.
Sadly, illness took its toll and he spent his last months in a care home.

Scribe Rat Mike Martin
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