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David Lodge

Past King Rat

I am quite sure that none of us will ever forget David Lodge, who was my very dear friend and brother Water Rat. He was also a fine Past King Rat. David was a very good actor and he starred in many films, (over 110), with such stars as Richard Widmark, Sidney Poitier, Peter Sellars, Richard Attenborough and in many comedies with Norman Wisdom.

David had a very full and successful life for many long years, but sadly cancer struck him and as David gradually got worse he ended his days in Denville Hall, a wonderful home for actors. Heaven is the richer for David's presence and we are the poorer, but he has left us with a legacy of love and memories. Do you know that if all the people David had helped in his life were to whisper very softly "thank you", the result would be a deafening roar.

Finally I want to say that the biggest film that David starred in was "Cockle Shell Heroes", and I want to say to my dear friend David - God bless you, we all love you and you will always be our 'Cockle Shell Hero'.

Past King Rat Bert Weedon
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