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Philip Hindon

Past King Rat

Past King Rat Philip Hindin (Rat 588) was one of Britain's best-known entertainment agents and producers and a noted authority on the world of music hall and variety. Philip was never a performer having started his theatrical career as an office boy for the ventriloquist, Coram.

During the War he served in the Army as a Sergeant Major in India, Malaya and Burma and also organised shows for ENSA.

As an agent he represented, amongst others, Eve Boswell, Terry-Thomas and Binnie Hale and moved into television by buying the rights to many game shows including "What's My Line?", "Twenty Questions" and "Call My Bluff".

He was King Rat in 1970 and also held the office of Treasurer and Preceptor. Philip was also a recipient of our highest honour - the Badge of Merit and Bar.
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