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Terry Burgess

Blue Collar Rat

Water Rat register Number: 763. Initiated into the Order on 12 June 1988.

Proposer: Peter Regan. Seconder: Johnny Maxim.

Having been born within the sound of Bow Bells Terry was a true Cockney; and like many cockney's he had a wonderfully bright personality and a very straight forward attitude to people. He trained as a cabinet maker and became a master Cabinet maker. The Rats can see the quality of his work by looking around the head-quarters.

Terry began his 'pro' career in the theatre and worked numerous clubs as a comic. He worked for Peter Regan on the Thames cruises. He also worked for C.S.E. at various military camps (Brize Norton, Germany, South America and also did a stint on the Orient Express.

He had a passion for magic from his early youth and spent much of his pocket money in Davenport?s ? in fact he had a 'crush' on Betty Davenport. In his spare time he worked in clubs and in private functions perfecting his craft in magic. However, his particular talent was the invention of new tricks and effects. Terry married Norma in 1953 and together they set up a successful Magic business. With his creative talents he invented many tricks, one of which was the 'Top Hat Bunnies'.

He was also involved with a lot of Charity work, particularly with the 'Lest We Forget' association at St James' Palace. He also taught the Princes William & Harry magic tricks when they were young. He was an active member of the Zodiac Society, the Magic Circle, the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Vaudeville Golfing Society and, of course, the Grand Order of Water Rats

He was a very loyal person and if he had given his word then you could be assured that it was his bond.

Secretary to the Trustees, John Adrian
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