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Film Stars to Punch and Judy Men; Pop Stars to Sporting Heroes; Circus Acts to Clowns; Comics to Dramatic Actors; Musicians to Television Presenters; Magicians to Photographers; Radio Stars to Royalty. The Grand Order of Water Rats exists as a wonderful Fraternity and Charitable Organisation.
Our mission statement, as compiled in 2014 by then Prince Rat (2014) Ian Richards:
“The Grand Order of Water Rats' charitable fund represents an unselfish giving to those less fortunate than ourselves, providing a stream of support for nationally recognised charities, whilst embracing benevolence of our members, their families and our show business colleagues. It also retains the power to make special awards to worthy individuals or organisations at the discretion of our Trustees.”
The GOWR and The Combined Theatrical Charities, The Grand Order of Water Rats is a member of the Combined Theatrical Charities (CTC).
Under the title 'Acting For Others' the CTC organises bucket collections every year in theatres all over the country; usually the last two weeks in October - one week in the West End and one in the Provinces.
Between them the fifteen members organisations of the CTC try to cover all aspects of hardship and need within our profession including backstage and front of house staff, performers and their dependants too.
For further information on the work of the Combined Theatrical Charities and 'Acting For Others' please visit:

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